At the beginning of April 2015 the UMT company published its new catalogue. In it, the company presents its updated product lines, along with those already carrying the UMT logo:

  • Substantial number of new sizes in the already existing product lines of 3D and 5D drills – UMT 8111, 8121, 8122
  • New line 3D drills with internal cooling – UMT 8112
  • New end mill with Z=3 for optimized machining of carbon, alloyed and stainless steels – UMT 9223
  • New types of ball-nose end mills with Z=4 for mold and tool production – UMT 9614, 9654
  • New types of end mills for finishing operations – UMT 9226, 9326
  • New series of end mills for hard to machine and heat-resistant materials – UMT 9544, 9554
  • New types of end mills for machining of aluminum and non-ferrous materials – UMT 9453, 9652

In the new UMT 2015 catalogue, you can also find upgraded request forms for special tools.

You can find or download the catalogue here.

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